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The Most Successful Power Couples in Miami

  • Edgardo and Ana Cristina Defortuna This husband and wife real estate team that has a high-end luxury real estate firm that has interests in Latin America, The United States, and Europe. They are one of the most experienced companies and both parts of this power couple are hands on with the growth of the company. Ana serves as the Executive Vice President of the company and is a key component in the companies endeavors across the world.
  • Craig Robins and Jackie Soffer
    Miami is one of the poshest cities in the United States. It is home to many successful businesses and business people. In some cases, there are couples that are considered power couples because each person has their own successful endeavors in the business world. For example, Jackie Soffer ( and Craig Robins. These two real estate giants were married last year after a rather interesting start. Now the two are happily married. Jackie Soffer  is the owner of Aventura Mall and co-CEO Turnberry Associates, a real estate development company. Craig Robins is a successful real estate developer in the Miami Design District.
  • Michael and Nicole Simkins
    Both Michael and Nicole Simkins are from influential families that owned businesses in the area. Michael is the head of Lion associates, a company that sees profits around one hundred million dollars annually. Part of the Lion associates conglomerate is Simkin Industries. Simkins Industries specialized in the creation of folding cartons.Charles Kaufman Enterprises is the business owned by Nicole’s family. Charles Kaufman Enterprises has provided the very best jewelry to the elite for decades. Nicole was a key part of the revitalization in the interest of colored diamonds stemming from the sale of Jennifer Lopez’s blue diamond ( Both parts of this power couple are philanthropists, and make considerable efforts to help charitable organizations across the nation.

PayPal, MasterCard Reach Deal for Store Payments

MasterCard Inc said on Tuesday it had expanded its deal with payment processor PayPal Holdings Inc, which would allow customers to use PayPal’s payment services in stores.

PayPal’s partnership follows a similar deal with MasterCard’s larger rival Visa Inc in July as the company looks to expand its payments network.

PayPal will allow users to select a credit or debit card as the default payment method and share data on transactions made through MasterCard’s tap-and-pay feature, which allows the shopper to wave a card or mobile phone over a reader to pay, the companies said in a statement.

As part of the deal, MasterCard will allow PayPal users to withdraw cash from their accounts using a debit card and also waive the digital wallet fee it currently charges PayPal.

The two companies have an existing partnership for co-branded consumer credit cards in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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