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Riverstone Enters Partnership to Expand Global Operations

Riverstone Holdings has been one of the leading firms in the global energy scene, offering their services in some oil and petroleum related activities. In recent events, the company entered into a merger with Miguel Galuccio, to launch their operations on an even larger scale. Their aim is to merge their assets to create an even bigger globalized presence in the field of oil and energy development.

Riverstone Holdings has been one of the largest companies in the oil and field development sector in the whole of Mexico. Since entering the market, they have significantly influenced the state of Mexico in energy production, cementing their place in the global oil industry. Around seventeen percent of the entire oil and petroleum extraction operations are conducted by Riverstone Holdings and their subsidiary companies. The company is one of the largest operators in the Gulf of Mexico, which is where the corporation conducts most of their activities. Since the company started out their businesses in the field, they have transitioned into a large $750 million company, standing as one of the biggest in the entire country.

Recently, the Mexican Government has been pushing for the development of oil and petrochemical industries, giving them subsidiaries to expand their businesses. In light of this, the government has been pushing their companies from Mexico itself to go on and take on global initiatives and bring in global investments. In light of this, mergers and partnerships like this one are on the rise more than ever.

Miguel Galuccio seemed to be a good international giant to partner with on this venture owing to the tremendous amount of experience the company he leads has in the field. Miguel Galuccio has over twenty-five years’ worth of experience in leading businesses that are divulging into the energy and petrochemical sector. Miguel Galuccio was appointed to the position of a member of the board of directors of Schlumberger which is one of the largest oil and gas services in the entire world.

Riverstone Holdings, under the leadership of founders David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre hopes that with this merger, the company can grow and become not just a leader in the Mexican oil and petroleum scene, but a leader in the global oil and petroleum scene in the world. The partnership will entail the growth and expansion of the company’s operations, which can lead it in a direction which is extremely favorable for its growth and development.