If you are a German car enthusiast, you have probably always dreamed of restoring a Super Beetle. If you have finally found the right project car, you will want to decide on the right repairs and modifications for your restoration project. The following tips will help you with the modifications for a restoration project that gives you good performance, an original look, and a reliable car:

1. Making Changes to the Suspension 

One of the first changes that you will want to consider making to your Volkswagen is improving the suspension. This can include lowering the body, installing larger wheels, and stiffening the suspension. A specialized parts service can provide you with parts for these modifications that will help to improve the handling while preserving the original look of your Super Beetle.

2. Rebuilding Your Engine with an Original Kit 

You will probably want to rebuild your engine when you are doing repairs to your Super Beetle. Today, there are kits available that preserve the original engine design when rebuilding your engine. Another option is to get an original engine new from a Volkswagen parts service to ensure your car is reliable.

3. Super Beetle Brake System Upgrades 

One of the problems that you may have with older Super Beetles is brakes that are outdated and unsafe. Therefore, to make your car safe for modern driving, you will want to modify the old brakes by updating them with disks and antilock brake systems. Doing this will improve handling and make your Beetle safer for daily driving.

4. Original Body Trim and Interior Parts 

Even though you may do some modifications for safety and performance, you still want your car to look as original as possible. Therefore, when you repair the exterior, you want to look for auto body metal and trim parts that are original or replicas that are exactly the same. This is something that you will also want to do for the interior of your car with original parts that match the original finishes inside of your car.

These are some tips that will help you get your Volkswagen Beetle ready for the road again with the right repairs and modifications. If you need the right parts to begin your restoration, contact a business that provides things like Volkswagen Super Beetle parts to help you with your project. And if you need any other assistance, a professional should be able to help you out.