A porch-style barbecue concession trailer will allow you to integrate with your customers while you are preparing an entire hog roast or individual plates of beef or pork ribs. The enclosure that adjoins a storage area will provide ample room for your barbecue equipment. If you decide to set the trailer up in a grassy field or in a parking lot, create a makeshift dining area nearby for your customers to use.

Purchase A Trailer That Your Vehicle Can Haul

A large concession trailer may be rather heavy and bulky, requiring a large vehicle to transport it to each spot that you will be setting up your stand. A smaller porch-style trailer will accommodate a standard barbecue grill, but your storage space will be more limited. To get a feel of how each trailer is set up, visit a showroom or a dealership that sells various models and request to walk through several of them. Picture how you will set up your equipment and handle the tasks of cooking food and dishing it out to your customers.

Although a smaller unit may not look large enough for your needs, while you are standing outside of it, you may be quite impressed with the built-in storage features or cabinetry that is located in the part that adjoins the porch area and discover that you will be able to utilize a more compact model for the food amounts that you typically prepare. During the inspection process, inquire about how to use a trailer hitch to secure a concession trailer to your vehicle.

Pre-Plan All Catered Or Independent Events

If you serve crowds that vary in size, plan out each event in advance. After buying a concession trailer, set up your equipment and practice using the new cooking setup. Keep track of all impending events and purchase ingredients, furnishings, and accessories that are needed to serve your customers.

Invest in some patio furnishings, canopies, and waste receptacles. Use these items to create an area for your patrons to use while they are eating the food items that you prepare. If your concession trailer is large enough, the furnishings can be stacked up and stored inside of the enclosed part of the trailer. While transporting the concession trailer, all loose items should be stabilized. Either place the items inside of storage bins and cabinetry or use bungee cords and rope to hold items down. 

To learn more, contact a company that has BBQ concession trailers for sale.