If you have a vehicle that you have personally written off as worthless junk, you might be trying to figure out a way to get rid of it. Perhaps you have a vehicle that you do not need. It may have some useful parts but you lack the desire to try to fix it. There are many people in your situation who are willing to give away vehicles that they are tired of being bothered with. In some cases, the vehicles might cost the owners money to continue to have them in their possession. Sometimes a legal obligation exists to have tags and insurance on inoperable vehicles. You do not have to consider yourself stuck with a non-working vehicle or one that you no longer have any use for. The following points represent ways you can get cash for junk cars.

Dealership Sale

This might be an option for you if you have plans to buy another car. The current vehicle may have trade-in value. However, many dealerships may not accept non-working vehicles as trade-in options. It is also worth considering that you will likely get a low offer. This is because some dealerships accept trade-ins with the intention of refurbishing the vehicles and reselling them. They will need to take into consideration any potential profit plans if they accept the trade-in. If buying another vehicle is not in your plans, dealerships may not have an interest in giving you cash for junk cars. This is because there will likely not be anything for them to gain from a profit perspective unless a dealership recognizes a need to get a vehicle for parts. 

Private Sale

The issue with a private sale is that you will need to attract buyers, and that often involves more than putting a for sale sign on a vehicle. Even if you decide to advertise the vehicle there might be costs associated with listing the vehicle. Opting for a free listing might have details that are worth noting such as giving a commission to the advertising platform if you sell the vehicle through their platform. You may also not get noticed if your listing gets mixed in with a myriad of other vehicles for sale. The process of getting cash for junk cars privately is something that could take a long time. This is why it is not ideal for individuals who have a need or desire to get rid of a vehicle as soon as possible. 

Junk Yard Sale

This type of sale is sometimes referred to as a salvage sale. These companies will offer a fast solution to get cash for junk cars. They can schedule a pick-up, which removes the hassle of the need to get a vehicle tow. You will also get an upfront cash offer that you can accept or decline. Vehicles in varying types of conditions are accepted because of the likelihood there are good parts in the mix of the damaged portions.