When conducting repairs on your car, you have three options for getting replacement parts. The three options include purchasing salvage auto parts, refurbished auto parts, or brand new auto parts. Salvage and refurbished auto parts are the same things. However, refurbished parts are salvaged auto parts that have been modified and quality tested before they are sold. On the other hand, regular salvage auto parts are taken from totaled vehicles and, in most cases, they are not modified or quality tested. Thus, salvaged auto parts are considered used auto parts, and thus, they are cheaper than new auto parts. Here are five benefits of buying salvage auto. 

Cheapest Replacement Parts

If you are on a tight budget and want to save as much of your money as possible, salvage auto parts are the cheapest option. As mentioned above, salvage auto parts can get refurbished and tested to ensure good quality. Thus, a salvage yard will sell the salvaged parts for a significantly cheaper price than the recycled used auto parts. 

No Waiting Time

Unlike buying new auto parts from a manufacturer, you don't have to wait for your order to get filled and delivered. Hence, as soon as you find the salvage auto part(s) you are looking for in a salvage yard, you can buy it and immediately commence the repairs. Hence there is no time wasted waiting for the part to get fabricated and/or sent to you, as is the case with new auto parts.

Availability of Rare Classic Car Parts

If you are trying to repair or restore a classic car, chances are you will not find the parts you need still being manufactured today. Additionally, it may not be easy to find quality-used parts anywhere. However, if you visit several auto salvage yards, your chances of finding salvageable parts are high. Thus, you don't have to pay a premium price to a manufacturer to fabricate the parts you need for your classic car restoration.

Environmental Preservation

Buying salvage auto parts eliminates the need for new car parts to get manufactured. Remember, the materials used for manufacturing new car parts are mined from the ground. Mining is one of the world's leading causes of land dereliction. Hence, when you buy salvage auto parts, you contribute to the conservation of the environment.

You Can Get OEM Parts

If you have your mindset on buying OEM replacement parts, it is possible to find salvage OEM auto parts. Though the salvage parts may seem old, they will function and appear like new OEM parts after they get refurbished. Besides, you might be surprised when you realize the refurbished OEM salvaged parts may have better compatibility than brand new after-market parts.

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