At some point in the lifetime of every car or truck, the tires need replacing because of road wear or damage to them. What you choose to replace them with can make a difference in the life of the new tires, but discount tires might be the best solution for the vehicle in your situation. Here's what you need to consider.

Mileage Ratings

When you head to a tire shop to have new tires installed on your car, you may find that the options available include several quality levels to choose from. Discount tires are often branded with a name that is not overly well known and have a lower mileage rating than the same size tires offered from more prominent brands. 

The mileage rating can be a little misleading, but it is essentially designed to give you a guideline as to how well those tires will last in a perfect situation on a car in excellent condition. It does not account for driving style, the type of roads you drive on, or any mechanical issues that might come up with the car. 

Because of these factors, discount tires may last nearly as long as a tire with a higher mileage rating in some cases. The durability of the rubber blend used on the tire may not be that different between the two, so a slow, careful driving style can make a tire last longer than someone that drives fast and aggressively.  

The mileage rating does not account for cars that stay in town or are only driven a few days a week for short distances. Discount tires can offer significant savings for the right person in the right situation. 

Tire Warranty

One place discount tires might differ from name brands is the manufacturer's tire warranty. Discount tires are not designed to be used over a long period, so the warranty is usually limited to defects in the tire and damage related to it. 

Because the tires are cheaper than standard tires, most people buy a new tire if the old one fails, but check with the tire shop first because even discount tires have standards that they must comply with to be legal. A tire that separates or fails may be eligible for replacement at little or no cost to you. 

Handling And Performance

You probably will not find discount tires that perform like sport tires from one of the more prominent manufacturers, but for everyday use, these little-known tire brands can be just as good as any other tire you may choose. When installed and maintained correctly, the tires will wear evenly, ride comfortably, and handle the road just like any tire on the market. Rotations, inflation, and maintenance are the keys to good tire wear, and that applies to discount tires too.

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