Best Options for Water Filtration

With the pollutants and chemicals so prevalent in today’s day and age, nearly all of the water we consume on a daily basis contains contaminants if it’s not bottled or put through a proper filtration system. Not only does the tap water that comes out of our faucets contain the chemical fluoride, it is also exposed to the chemicals and compounds in the pipes including everywhere else it has traveled to get to your spout. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to realize that it is essential to filter your drinking water to ensure it doesn’t contain unwanted chemicals.


The most common method people today use to filter their drinking water is by using a filtration system such as a Brita, or by simply buying bottled water. Although it may seem that bottled water is properly cleaned, some brands still contain fluoride and other chemicals. Doing a detailed online search about the company should give you a good idea of what products to buy and which ones to avoid. The other option, and probably the most cost effective, is to purchase a water filtration system. There are two types of commonly used household water filters. One fits onto the spout of a kitchen faucet, and the other is similar to a large pitcher with a filter near the top where the water enters. Both of these filters are very effective in eliminating contaminants such as lead and chlorine.

There are a handful of filtration systems that essentially function the same way, by running the water through a charcoal filter that pulls out unwanted chemicals and compounds in tap water. There are a handful of filtration systems on the market today that claim to eliminate fluoride from the water. Eliminating fluoride from our water is an issue that a large portion of Americans are very concerned about. There are seemingly more and more companies as of recent producing water filtration systems and marketing them on the basis that they remove fluoride from the water. This is concerning, due to the fact that nearly every product tested did not remove any fluoride from the water. The general consensus is that unless a product comes out with proven scientific evidence of the removal of fluoride, a standard household water filtration still ranks as best.

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