Debevoise & Plimpton Adds Simon Witney as London Consultant

The law firm of Debevoise & Plimpton has added Simon Witney as a consultant in their London office, and they will count on him for help with many different cases. It is quite important law firms grown, and the firm believes growing with Mr. Witney helps their clients. This article explains how Mr. Witney will help the firm in the area of private equity.

#1: Private Equity Transactions Are Complex

There are quite a few people who are going through new private equity transactions, and they need a lawyer who understands the industry. The lawyers who do this work offer insight that ensures contracts are written properly, and the lawyers who are consulting at Debevoise & Plimpton will help their largest find the best position for their companies. Remaining profitable and on the right side of the law is important for every client coming to Debevoise & Plimpton for assistance.

#2: How Will He Help?

London is one of the most-active cities in the world, and it is a place where the markets are busy at all times. The addition of Mr. Witney ensures the firm has someone in touch with the European markets, and his expertise in the markets ensures the firm will have insight that helps their clients. Clients cannot be asked to bring all the information to each session, and they cannot be expected to know the European markets if they do not operate internationally.

#3: What Does Debevoise & Plimpton Do?

They have a large firm that represents businesses in a number of forms. They know how to help their clients when they are accused of wrongdoing, and they will help their clients when they are completing mergers. The firm has been connected to many pro bono cases in America, and they wish to continue their service to the community. They are trusted by businesses around the world, and they believe the businesses they serve have a lifetime friend in the legal community. Partners in the NYC office include Matthew Kaplan, Mary Beth Hogan and Sean Hecker.

The addition of Simon Witney at Debevoise & Plimpton helps both parties grow their client base. Clients who trust these two parties will find the private equity business quite simple to infiltrate, and they will appreciate the money they may make in the course of their work. A client who uses Debevoise & Plimpton will receive special assistance from London, and Mr. Witney has partners in New York who know how to help with his work.


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