The Ever Growing Gender Gap in Venture Capital

The gender gap in venture capital is quite important as it is not getting any smaller in the industry. There are quite a few women who need a bit of investment from others in their careers. Entrepreneur, Cindy Whitehead, for example, will help women who are looking for ways to advance in the field. Everyone who is interested in venture capital must have a look at how women are being aided by those such as Cindy and her colleagues.

#1: Why Is Venture Capital Not Closing The Gap?

The gender gap is not closing in the industry because it is in the background of the business world. There are quite a few people who work in the field without being recognized, and the public does not have a reason to be outraged when women are not in the field. The field is growing every day because venture capital is needed, but the field is not growing around women because there is no reason to put pressure on anyone to hire women. The women who are advancing are doing so through sheer force of will.

#2: Women Need More Representation

Someone such as Cindy Whitehead will help women move along in the field, and they must ensure they have someone who is under their wing and learning. More women in the field must be asked to reach out to others, and someone who wishes to advance in the field must find a mentor who will help them on the level that Cindy Whitehead does her friends or partners. There are many people who will find their way higher in the industry when they have someone who is working with them. These women have someone on their side who will give them a good word where it is needed.

#3: Women Have The Training

There are more and more women graduating with degrees in business every year, and these women are searching for jobs in the industry that will appeal to them. They are applying, but they need more support if they wish to win these jobs as they come along. A supporter such as Cindy Whitehead will help several women find the jobs they require.

The woman who is ready to work in venture capital must ensure they have a mentor who will look after them. They increase their chances of advancing by gaining extra support in the industry.

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