Organization Spotlight: The Virginia Bar Association

The Virginia Bar Association was created in 1888 by attorneys across Virginia in hope of creating a statewide bar organization. The intent of the organization was to set a precedent for lawyers across Virginia in terms of bar admission, examination and work ethic among the legal realm. Virginia, which is conveniently located next to the nation’s capital, is one of only three states in the country to have voluntary (VBA) and mandatory (VSB) bar groups in state.

The Virginia Bar Association has esteemed members of the law community in Virginia serving as members and volunteers for the organization. For example, Doug Nabhan  is a member of the Virginia Bar Association where he serves under the Labor and Employment Sections. Virginia Business magazine has named Nabhan as one of the “Legal Elite” of Virginia and a “Super Lawyer” by Virginia Super Lawyers magazine.

The Virginia Bar Association is an example of a legal group, which strives to make the state a better place. Some of the communities programs that the Virginia Bar Association has started are the Legal Food Frenzy, Veterans Initiative, and

The Legal Food Frenzy is a fun competition among different law firms and legal offices in Virginia to raise food and donations for families in Virginia who do not always have the funds to fill their fridge with food.

Veterans Initiative was created with the intent of creating justice for veterans. Attorneys can volunteer to help veterans at either a low-cost or pro bono basis in order to help veterans learn about their legal rights. Programs like Veterans Initiative are becoming especially necessary today with the increase of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) awareness. is a website, which provides information on the laws for special education services in Virginia. This website is not just a tool for lawyers, but also for teachers, and people in the health care industry. The VBA commission created this website in order to advocate for special education children who may not be receiving the full support they need in order to thrive.

The Virginia Bar Association strives to create positive social changes in Virginia by keeping the law intact and educating those in the community.

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