Riverstone Enters Partnership to Expand Global Operations

Riverstone Holdings has been one of the leading firms in the global energy scene, offering their services in some oil and petroleum related activities. In recent events, the company entered into a merger with Miguel Galuccio, to launch their operations on an even larger scale. Their aim is to merge their assets to create an even bigger globalized presence in the field of oil and energy development.

Riverstone Holdings has been one of the largest companies in the oil and field development sector in the whole of Mexico. Since entering the market, they have significantly influenced the state of Mexico in energy production, cementing their place in the global oil industry. Around seventeen percent of the entire oil and petroleum extraction operations are conducted by Riverstone Holdings and their subsidiary companies. The company is one of the largest operators in the Gulf of Mexico, which is where the corporation conducts most of their activities. Since the company started out their businesses in the field, they have transitioned into a large $750 million company, standing as one of the biggest in the entire country.

Recently, the Mexican Government has been pushing for the development of oil and petrochemical industries, giving them subsidiaries to expand their businesses. In light of this, the government has been pushing their companies from Mexico itself to go on and take on global initiatives and bring in global investments. In light of this, mergers and partnerships like this one are on the rise more than ever.

Miguel Galuccio seemed to be a good international giant to partner with on this venture owing to the tremendous amount of experience the company he leads has in the field. Miguel Galuccio has over twenty-five years’ worth of experience in leading businesses that are divulging into the energy and petrochemical sector. Miguel Galuccio was appointed to the position of a member of the board of directors of Schlumberger which is one of the largest oil and gas services in the entire world.

Riverstone Holdings, under the leadership of founders David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre hopes that with this merger, the company can grow and become not just a leader in the Mexican oil and petroleum scene, but a leader in the global oil and petroleum scene in the world. The partnership will entail the growth and expansion of the company’s operations, which can lead it in a direction which is extremely favorable for its growth and development.

Best Buddies: An Organization Helping Friends in Need

A nonprofit organization that makes the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) better has launched an initiative to become a household name by the end of 2020.

Best Buddies International, which works with people with down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and other un-diagnosed disabilities, offers one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development.

Anthony Kennedy Shriver launched the organization in 1989 with one chapter. It currently has more than nineteen hundred chapters with more than ninety-nine thousand participants throughout the fifty United States, fifty-four countries and six continents.

The initiative includes a strategy which will educate 4,000 Buddy Ambassadors, create 1,000 jobs for people with IDD and boost the amount of school-based chapters to 2,500. Among its many programs, Best Buddies carries out a student-run friendship club in middle schools, high schools and colleges, by forming student buddy pairs whether they have disabilities or not.

Best Buddies makes it easier for people with IDD to find an important closeness with their friends, obtain work, live on their own, among other objectives. Best Buddies also makes a job program available to assist people with disabilities find competitive paying jobs. Receptionist, document clerk, teacher assistant and fitness assistant are among some of the current positions held by Best Buddies participants.

An email pen pal program, called e-Buddies, which develops friendships through email, is also available. This program involves emailing each other at least once a week for a minimum of one year.

A number of events take place throughout the year such as the Annual Best Buddies Gala Back to School Night in Miami which is hosted by Best Buddies co-chairs Jackie Soffer, and Alina and Anthony K. Shriver.

Many celebrities and other recognized faces help support Best Buddies International.  For example, many celebrities take part in the Celebrity Ambassador Program including NFL Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady; Supermodel Cindy Crawford; Actor Pierce Brosnan; Actor/Producer Ron Howard and Musician Emilio Estefan.

The organization’s largest fundraising initiative, the Best Buddies Challenges, take in a ride, run or walk challenge from the Hearst Castle on September 10, 2016 or a Ride Tour de France Style in Miami on November 18, 2016. On June 3, 2017 Tom Brady will host a Best Buddies Challenge at Hyannis Port. And the inaugural Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving Basketball Challenge will get under way this fall, September 24.

To sign on for Best Buddies, simply fill out an application at BestBuddies.org and sign the agreement to participate. The staff will work to complement participants with a buddy of similar age and interests. In addition, the Best Buddies Ambassadors program gives people with IDD a chance to use their skills to advocate and make positive changes in their life and community.

The Ever Growing Gender Gap in Venture Capital

The gender gap in venture capital is quite important as it is not getting any smaller in the industry. There are quite a few women who need a bit of investment from others in their careers. Entrepreneur, Cindy Whitehead, for example, will help women who are looking for ways to advance in the field. Everyone who is interested in venture capital must have a look at how women are being aided by those such as Cindy and her colleagues.

#1: Why Is Venture Capital Not Closing The Gap?

The gender gap is not closing in the industry because it is in the background of the business world. There are quite a few people who work in the field without being recognized, and the public does not have a reason to be outraged when women are not in the field. The field is growing every day because venture capital is needed, but the field is not growing around women because there is no reason to put pressure on anyone to hire women. The women who are advancing are doing so through sheer force of will.

#2: Women Need More Representation

Someone such as Cindy Whitehead will help women move along in the field, and they must ensure they have someone who is under their wing and learning. More women in the field must be asked to reach out to others, and someone who wishes to advance in the field must find a mentor who will help them on the level that Cindy Whitehead does her friends or partners. There are many people who will find their way higher in the industry when they have someone who is working with them. These women have someone on their side who will give them a good word where it is needed.

#3: Women Have The Training

There are more and more women graduating with degrees in business every year, and these women are searching for jobs in the industry that will appeal to them. They are applying, but they need more support if they wish to win these jobs as they come along. A supporter such as Cindy Whitehead will help several women find the jobs they require.

The woman who is ready to work in venture capital must ensure they have a mentor who will look after them. They increase their chances of advancing by gaining extra support in the industry.

The Annual New Yorkers for Children Gala

The New Yorkers for Children organization is a remarkable non-profit committed to improving the lives of children through opportunities, education, guidance and support. This foundation works very closely with the Administration for Children’s services to improve the lives and futures of children in the welfare system. They have a special interest in the young children of foster care and work with over 1,000 members of the foster care community.

On Thursday, September 15th, Cipriani’s on 42nd street hosted this year’s Annual New Yorkers for Children Fall Gala. Many of New York’s elite A-Listers came out dressed to impress and ready to support and celebrate this charity that helps so many. Standing alongside the city’s most influential people, designers and models were the extraordinary men and women whose lives have been transformed from by this charity. Guests also included Dan Rothmann, Alexia and David Leuschen, Trey Songz, Anita Hodos, Eniko Mihalik, Jodie Snyder Morel, among others.

This year’s event raised over $1.3 million, all of which will go to sustaining the programs that have led to the success of so many children that have gone through this program. These programs promote a committed and stable adulthood through sustainable relationships and compassionate mentors. Signature programs helped by the generous contributions include the Back-to School Package Program, the Guardian Scholars Program, the Youth Advisory Board and Futures in Motion Youth Program: Youth Can! Program.

This year’s Gala Sponsor, Chloe was joined by several others including Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Sun Capital Partners Foundation, FX and Natasha de Mallmann, The City University of New York (CUNY) – Chancellor James B Milliken, BNY Mellon, and Scott and Sammy Seltzer to name a few.

Honored at the event was City University of New York (CUNY) school Chancellor, James B. Milliken whose devotion and leadership have developed so many opportunities for the youths in need.

Debevoise & Plimpton Adds Simon Witney as London Consultant

The law firm of Debevoise & Plimpton has added Simon Witney as a consultant in their London office, and they will count on him for help with many different cases. It is quite important law firms grown, and the firm believes growing with Mr. Witney helps their clients. This article explains how Mr. Witney will help the firm in the area of private equity.

#1: Private Equity Transactions Are Complex

There are quite a few people who are going through new private equity transactions, and they need a lawyer who understands the industry. The lawyers who do this work offer insight that ensures contracts are written properly, and the lawyers who are consulting at Debevoise & Plimpton will help their largest find the best position for their companies. Remaining profitable and on the right side of the law is important for every client coming to Debevoise & Plimpton for assistance.

#2: How Will He Help?

London is one of the most-active cities in the world, and it is a place where the markets are busy at all times. The addition of Mr. Witney ensures the firm has someone in touch with the European markets, and his expertise in the markets ensures the firm will have insight that helps their clients. Clients cannot be asked to bring all the information to each session, and they cannot be expected to know the European markets if they do not operate internationally.

#3: What Does Debevoise & Plimpton Do?

They have a large firm that represents businesses in a number of forms. They know how to help their clients when they are accused of wrongdoing, and they will help their clients when they are completing mergers. The firm has been connected to many pro bono cases in America, and they wish to continue their service to the community. They are trusted by businesses around the world, and they believe the businesses they serve have a lifetime friend in the legal community. Partners in the NYC office include Matthew Kaplan, Mary Beth Hogan and Sean Hecker.

The addition of Simon Witney at Debevoise & Plimpton helps both parties grow their client base. Clients who trust these two parties will find the private equity business quite simple to infiltrate, and they will appreciate the money they may make in the course of their work. A client who uses Debevoise & Plimpton will receive special assistance from London, and Mr. Witney has partners in New York who know how to help with his work.


New Dining Option in Montana

Ox Pasture, located in Red Lodge, Montana, offers residents a new dining option with fresh, farm-to-table fare and a menu that rotates every two weeks.

Open from May through October, the season of fresh produce, the restaurant entices visitors with the traditional fare that many Montanans have grown accustomed to, such as steak and burgers, in addition to Montana pork, duck, lamb, fresh seafood, and vegetarian offerings, but with their own unique interpretation. Whether it’s uncommon cuts of meat, such as crunchy trout skin cooked with risotto or pesto made with green carrot tops, Ox Pasture prides itself on serving creative dishes. The restaurant came to live with an idea from David Leuschen and his wife Alexis Kondylis Leuschen.

In addition to offering creative meals prepared with the freshest ingredients from local farms and ranches, the husband-and-wife team sparks intrigue with an exotic menu that changes bi-weekly. The innovative cuisine, which is inspired by international journeys abroad coupled with intuitive food creativity, explores everything from French classics like duck confit leg to Southern inspired-comfort foods like fried green tomatoes with sweet, apricot salsa and even Italian favorites like homemade tagliatelle pasta. Each preparation is always a new creation. In fact, two times a month, Lockhart and sous chef Danny Mowatt come together over the season’s flourishing ingredients to invent new offerings, so there is always something to come back for.

The Ox Pasture boasts a quaint, cozy atmosphere, reminiscent of a French bistro, in a historic stone building set aglow by a white backdrop. The decor, which includes zinc tabletops nestled among tan and blue wicker chairs intermingled with gray-hued wooden chairs, lends an Old Mercantile appeal that reinforces the bistro style setting. In the entrance, guests are greeted by a mini bar with white shelves that extend to the ceiling, which plays home to a variety of beverages and herb filled Terra cotta pots. Wood flank floors, that expand from the entrance to the open kitchen, complete the look for a charming loft-like feel.

The Ox Pasture, which hosted a private commencement, opened in May 2016 and has since fast grown into a culinary prize notable for its tasty dishes. Owners chef Chris Lockhart and his wife Gena Burghoff spent time in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York, and managed a farm-to-table food truck named the Local Yokel for several months. The couple also worked at Steven Star, Balthazar, and Odeon restaurants and recently managed Montana Jack’s in Dean. Together, the couple has more than 10 years of restaurant experience, which lends to the establishment’s well-seasoned atmosphere.

Hecker on Corporate Crime Settlements

Sean Hecker is a partner at the New York based Law Firm Debevoise. He recently conducted an online interview about the current state of corporate crimes prosecution in the state and elsewhere.

Hecker states that currently most cases involve deferred pleas or non-prosecution agreements. These are so popular because they allow for a subtler approach to prosecution that leaves room for negotiation between the two parties involved. When a defendant enters a guilty plea they are automatically subject to the full consequences of the law. Hecker says that in certain cases this is too forceful an instrument as the legal repercussions might be too great for a company to bear, encouraging them to deny guilt. This leads to lengthy, expensive, and complicated court proceedings that can go on for years. Corporations and their representatives don’t necessarily want that but prosecutors are wary of it too. Often they lack the resources to commit to a case that a large company might, leaving them at a severe disadvantage.

Companies operate with a different perspective than your average defendant. They have a responsibility to protect their name and the interests of their shareholders. Entering a guilty plea is often an admission that does too much damage to be advisable on their part. While Hecker admits there have been more recently than is considered normal he hopes that this trend will not continue to grow as he considers it detrimental to both sides in the long run.

This is because companies are made up of hundred if not thousands of people. As such it may not be fair to hold an entire organization responsible for the wrongdoing of a single individual within it’s hierarchy. As long as this goes on it will de-incentivize companies that are responsible from being compliant with local laws if an internal violation is brought to their attention.

Hecker says that he is skeptical of the popular notion that the government prosecutors let banking institutions “off the hook” for major crimes. In his opinion federal agencies investigated thoroughly and chose not to press charges. In his mind this indicates they either found nothing or what they did find would be too difficult to prove in court.

Review of How SM Energy Company Bought Rock Oil Holdings LLC

Riverstone Energy Limited has announced the sale of its Rock Oil Holdings LLC to the SM Energy Company. Riverstone Holdings LLC that manages the Riverstone Energy Limited made the announcement that an agreement for the sale of its membership interests at Rock Oil Holdings LLC to the SM Energy Company, an E&P Company based in US. Riverstone Holdings was founded by David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre. Rock Oil Holdings LLC is an oil and gas company based in Denver and Houston and has its focus on Permian Basin.

Rock Oil was founded back in March 2014 with a strategy to apply its technical and land expertise to the development and acquisition of assets found in top-shelf North American plays. Ever since it was formed, Rock Oil has been involved in a number of acquisitions in its process of establishing a position of about 24,783 acres in the Midland Permian Basin that produces approximately 4,900 boepd.

Under the transaction terms, REL will stand to realize about $237 million in gross cash proceeds. This will represent a gross multiple of 2.1x on the initial investment the company made of $114 million. This will represent a profit of $123 million and a further uplifted $84 million. This equals 55% over its carrying value that was at $152 million by 30 June, 2016 the date when the Portfolio investments were valued last. The gross profit earned by the company will be subjected to a performance fee and taxes when the sale will be closed. This is expected to happen early October and will be subject to a number of routine closing conditions. The company is expected to release this year’s interim results that will include the updated NAV for the period ending 30 June 2016 on August 11, 2016.

About Riverstone Energy Limited

REL refers to the close-ended investment company that has investments exclusively in international global energy industry, with a specific focus on production and exploration and other midstream sectors. REL will be looking to exploit the prospects offered by the energy investment platform by Riverstone. REL forms part of the FTSE 250 members and has its ordinary shares listed for investors to buy and trade in them on the London Stock Exchange. The shares usually trade under the RSE symbol. Up to now, REL has successfully made 16 investments that span from conventional and unconventional activities related to oil and gas in the Continental U.S., Gulf of Mexico, the U.K., Western Canada, North Sea, Mexico, Norwegian Sea and credit.

The Loyola Greyhounds Hire Marc Van Arsdale

The Loyola Greyhounds lacrosse team announced on the Thursday with great excitement and anticipation, that they hired Marc Van Arsdale as their offensive coordinator. Charley Toomey is the current head coach of the Loyola Greyhounds lacrosse team. Past successes of the team have included alumni players like Sean Hecker. Prior to Van Arsdale, Ryan Moran was the offensive coordinator, and he was hired on June 20th, 2016. It was a huge question after Ryan Moran left the Loyola Greyhounds lacrosse team, who was going to be the new offensive coordinator. The new offensive coordinator would have large shoes to fill because the Loyola Greyhounds lacrosse team leave behind a very successful legacy. Among the other options to be chosen for the offensive coordinator included Marquette associate head coach Stephen Brundage, Brown offensive coordinator, Sean Kirwan, and Richmond defensive coordinator Paul Richards.

For the past fifteen years, Van Arsdale had been the assistant coach at Virginia. During Van Arsdale’s fifteen years with Virgina, he helped the team win multiple NCAA Division I championships in 2003, 2006 and 2011. Van Arsdale had the opportunity to thank former Cavaliers coach Dom Starsia for his training and commitment to Virginia.

“We are very pleased to get someone of the character and coaching caliber of Marc Van Arsdale, and we look forward to welcoming Marc and his wife, Karen, to the Loyola family,” Loyola head coach Charley Toomey said in a written statement.

Van Arsdale stated that he admired the lacrosse program at Loyola for many years, and was honored to become a member of the team. He will make a great addition to the Loyola Greyhounds lacrosse team, and head coach Charley Toomey is proud to have him aboard. It was a huge announcement when the offensive coordinator was finally chosen and announced to the team and to the dedicated fans who sit in the stadium cheering on this successful team.

Van Arsdale was a successful lacrosse player in his younger years and his no newbie to the game. Van Arsdale was a 1985 graduate of Hobart, he played on the lacrosse team where he as an attackman. He, along with his team went on to win four consecutive NCAA Division III crowns, Van Arsdale also managed to produce a pair of Tewaaraton winners in Matt Ward (2006) and Steele Stanwick (2011). After his college career, Van Arsdale went on to be the head coach at Penn State for five seasons where he compiled a 27-39 record.

Professional Advice to Succeed in Business

Many people want to make it big in business, but few people do. Why is that? There are some basic tips that differentiate the exceptional business people from the crowd. This article lists five.

1. Hard Work – Mom was right. You do need to do your chores. Successful businesses have a lot of hard work put into them. It usually takes 5 years for a new business to become profitable. Choosing to take the easy way out is the recipe for failure. Entrepreneurs who dared to suffer ridicule and criticism from peers and mentors are usually the ones who end up on top.

2. Non-conformism – Warren Buffett, the billionaire who built Nebraska giant Berkshire Hathaway, put it this way, “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” What are the things that your peers and competitors are afraid of? Some fear items might be math, pain, public speaking, science, veggies, writing, risk, foreigners, poverty, generosity, bear markets, religion, unpopularity, or ridicule. Greedily pursue situations where you or your business do these unpopular things, and watch what happens. On the other shoe, what are the things your peers are greedily seeking after? Some possibilities might be credit cards, mortgages, loans, pleasure, meat, popularity, US, Hollywood, “experts,” lobbyists, liberal arts, or bull markets. Fearfully avoid those items.

3. Innovation – Going with the flow is not going to differentiate you and your company from the rest. The largest companies in the world succeeded because they originally had a hair brained mad scientist gang that came up with a product or service that those around them thought was crazy. Today, that product is the ubiquitous airplane or iPhone. If you are not someone who has a knack for new ideas, make sure that your company has someone on the team who is a dreamer or artistic brain. Left brained profits often come from right brained ideas.

4. Organizational Psychology – Many US companies promote based on experience or the popularity an employee has with management. This is unhealthy, and usually leads to Peter’s principle coming true. Peter’s principle states that every individual is promoted to their basic level of incompetency. After reaching that point they are no longer promoted. The result is that high ranking leaders in a company are often incompetent in the roles they were promoted to. Place people in your company based on their cognitive brain type, not their social acumen. Do not attach extra prestige or wages to certain positions. The idea is to level the playing field and value all contributors, whether they are janitors or managers.

5. Just Show Up – Whether or not you like it, 90% of life is just showing up, as David Leuschen said in a talk he gave at Dartmouth.